Musée d'Art Contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul
Expositions en cours

Expositions en cours

Alicia Lorente - Time Revealed

Serge Murphy

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This exhibition pays tribute to the religious community of the Petites Franciscaines de Marie that was established in Baie-Saint-Paul at the end of the 19th century. During the last days of February 2017, when the sisters were preparing to leave their heritage building, Montreal artist photographer of Spanish origin, Alicia Lorente documented the life of this religious community as they got ready to move and begin their new life elsewhere.

The convent of the Petites Franciscaines de Marie is most certainly an essential part of our architectural heritage, a symbol of the past that is still present. Thus, it is with great pleasure that the Musée d’art contemporain joins with artist Alicia Lorente to present visitors with an image of this community’s life as it exists today.

Marius Dubois – In the Eye of Time

Mireille Brisset

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During his fifty-year career as an artist, Marius Dubois explored various pictorial movements. He also took the risk of painting mythological and religious subjects in an original manner, themes that recur in Western art. Thus he leaves a unique and sumptuous corpus of work that reflects his faith in humanity and his deep conviction that beauty is a redemptive force.

This current exhibition presents 13 major works produced between 2000 and 2014, as well as sketchbooks and preliminary drawings, which illustrate the integration of new concepts that Marius Dubois was working on before he passed away. The visitor is invited on a wonderful journey that opens up an entrancing, dreamlike world, a place where origins and future are set in an eternal present.

Claude Le Sauteur – THE STUDIO

Patricia Aubé

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Claude Le Sauteur (R.C.A.), a major figure in Quebec art, had a profound impact on the Charlevoix region, not only as a painter but also as a person. Following his death in 2007, the MACBSP made a commitment to present his work and pay tribute to this exceptional artist. The recent donation of the artist’s studio contents, from his wife, has given new impetus to the production of this exhibition, showing the artist’s private world.

As well as his passion for drawing and painting, the exhibition L’ATELIER displays Le Sauteur’s work as a graphic artist, which occupied a large part of his production. Hence the sketchbooks, drawings and paintings are shown along side printer’s proofs, greeting cards and advertisements as so many traces of the artist’s creative activities.

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