Musée d'Art Contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul
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Le Musée

The Musée d’art contemporain of Baie-Saint-Paul owns an important artwork and artefact collection. To facilitate the management of this collection, a Policy and some Rules were established. An Acquisition Committee was also formed to study the various offers received.

Loan of Collection Artworks

The circulation of artwork being one of the essential functions of a museum, we loan some of our collection artworks to different organizations and institutions. This allows users and workers of these places to appreciate art on a daily basis. The City and Hospital of Baie-Saint-Paul along with some schooling establishments in Charlevoix are among the beneficiaries of such loans. A request to participate to this program can be addressed to the Museum’s Direction.


The majority of artworks and artefacts belonging to the Museum were acquired by donations from both individuals and organizations. The other collection artworks were created or acquired during the annual Symposium. The Acquisition Committee meets three times a year to study the donation files. In order to offer a donation, please send us a detailed description of the artwork(s) along with its (their) photograph(s) at the attention of the Collection Department of the Museum.


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